Moving Units

Stevenson might not be a baller, but he can move some bike products.

Starting next Tuesday BMX hustler extraordinaire Chris Stevenson will be joining the FBM work force as an outside sales rep based in Sunny SoCal.

After escaping from a mental institution a while back, he’s circled the wagons and is ready to start the bicycle boogie again. Chris brings a wealth of experience with him and we are stoked to have him assisting the Johnson City Head Quarters. He will be a great addition to the FBM family of kooks.

Have a swell weekend and keep the rubber side down and injuries to a minimum.

Brian Kielb's custom anchor, 5lbs 11oz. It looks Johnny's pretty convinced this is the most brutal custom frame we've built. Dave's pretty sure it's the ugliest. Cross grindage. We've actually turned into a junkyard, bumper repair. It's the economy, stupid. Erbals commuter. Dave's been practicing his brazing technique. Did we mention we are brazing now? Degreaser tank. John Lee refurbished a dumpster bike for his sister.

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