Movers, Shakers, Frame Makers

The wedge mod is a lot more popular than we thought it'd be. The flat plate with squashed chain stays turned out really nice looking.

It’s bike riding season boys and girls. The dudes out back are wackin’ and tackin’ away at metal, forming them into rideable machines. If you want cuckoo brain geometry and odd tubing combos, we must be the men to do it. We got some weirdo frame orders coming through, and it’s awesome standing around the machine shop imagining who’s riding these things.

The shop dudes seem to be having fun making these custom jobbers. Remember, if you don’t see a mod you want on the order form, it doesn’t mean we can’t do it, feel free to ask us anything.

Had a lengthy conversation with Rick Moliterno the other day, he wanted to let our guys in the back making it happen day in and day out know Standard meant no ill will towards them and the quality of work they put out.


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This is the update. Please let the guys know that no harm was intended. It just wasn’t worded with that in mind.


Enjoy the weather out there.

Steep, long, slack, low, short. Kids and their crazy bikes these days. This bike is heading to Rhysty at Back Bone in Australia Hey now, there you go. Slightly custom top and down tube gussets with FBM carved in them.

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