Fossil fuel for the fun machine.

Joel Barnett AKA  Emmett patrick murphy

In the early nineties when Gilly and I were cut and pasting xeroxed graphics, and hand printing t-shirts at my parent’s house, of the few album’s on rotation were Dinosaur Jr.’s ‘whatever’s cool with me’ and ‘Green Mind’. So… the irony and awesomeness of last week’s music video filming adventure had me stunned, star dazzled and thankful.
It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to point out the main vein linking Music, to the arts,bike riding, skating, lifestyle and attitude of independent and sub mainstream types that commit themselves to any of the above.
Musician’s like the guys in Dinosaur Jr. provided the words, and the soundtrack that sent many of us on our way, along our wayward paths, and towards our dreams. In many ways Independent music, punk rock, hardcore, whatever kind of music we were stoked on, inspired young people like us.
Anyrate, being stoked led us to where we are at now, riding bikes, and still having fun.
Thanks to Murph, Lou Barlow and J. Mascis for more good times, stay tuned for what will likely be a kick ass video in the near future….
For now, here’s the edit that was in the big big bmx show, featuring the in’s and out’s of a small bike company from upstate NY….

Joel and Kenny starring as Dinosaur Jr junior- on stage prank at the Freebird I think the Lynard Skynard dude's ex wife owns this joint. Garrett.. at it again.... G- rat at ipswich NIce!

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