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Here are a few pics from the Kokomo Park, which although was very scary to me, I was also very stoked on. Cam and Tony rode awesome at that spot. Cam is hoping to apply some of his cement knowledge in the CFB this weekend. In other news, Captain Fun and Tony Hamlin are working on details for a Bowl jam, that FBM will be having at Xdreams this summer, right prior to the Demolition Derby that Kink is putting on. Prizes will be awarded during this comp, for best dressed, most Fun, and shittiest face. More Details soon. St. Louis is the home of Budwieser. Not a bad place to stop for the night on the way to Oklahoma City, see ya’ll there….?

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More random shit

The pretzel bike goes through some further technological advances in the FBM Machine shop, as Jim Bagg explains to erbles the importance of Jackets on small dogs while in the Warehouse. Big Dave is so stoke don the pretzel bike, that he went out of focus in this pic of his new bike. His last bike was stolen by a band of immigrant gypsies, new to the Johnson City area. Kelly Baker was unfased though, and did fastplant transfers at ECT with a neon orange front wheel that double as a life preserver, so he doesn’t drizown. Rumors of a Shitluck video premiere at the East Coast Terminal on Friday night, and rumors of John Lee getting a haircut this year. I rode with John briefly last night for the first time in a while. Him, Hancock and Cruzer showed up and talked about plans for the Kennedy’s trails this summer, and how many Atsro Vans Cornpie has had in the past couple years. If any of this makes sense, let me know…..

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