2005 recap?

Well 2005 has come and gone, and I have to admit it was a pretty good time. Firstly though, amidst all the fun and games, we lost a very dear friend, Colin Winkelmann, this is a pic from the last time I hung out with him. I don’t want people to forget about Colin, He had a huge impact on a lot of people, We miss you buddy.
Not every thing was party time, a lot of hard work went into making this year a good one, so I would like to thank Big Dave, Erbles, and all the guys that work at FBM for helping make our bikes, and the whole company better than Ever. That goes for the team too. We are a lucky bunch. Some of this years Highlights included the time we spent traveling filming for Half and Half, meeting good folks, and riding all over the country. That was wrapped up by an amazing Video premiere party, at the Subdivision Comp, where Lucero and Dirty Bird rocked the house, and Kelly Baker Fell through the rafters, Wow. Some our Friends got Married this year, and some started families, congrats to all you grown up type BMXers outs there. We travelled to Japan, Drove in Demolition Derbys, Built Dirt Jumps, and Corrigan even won the Backyard Build off. Phil Started his own Machine shop, made some awesome parts, and drank a ton of coffee. We hit up a million spots From here to Oregon and back, Hd a great show in Vegas, and we made some of the most retarded commercials in Props all year long. We got yelled at by Warner Bros. for our Ads in Ride mag, and Lil Billy got the cover of Soul mag in France. Aaron Ross did an up rail to 360, and curtis bit a bunch of people. Derrick Girard confused the entire industry with his lingo and strange behavior, and Dave King got Lyme disease. Tag made a shitluck video 4 times, and the Corts bros. got to meet E-dog. Joe Kid on a stingray was released, and that was amazing to watch, and remember so much of. So much has happened this year between the Road fools trips, and the Mega tours, and all the day to day madness, i cant even remember half of it. Most of All though, I just want to say thanks to everyone that supported FBM, by either purchasing one of products, coming to one of our events, letting us ride your spots, or giving us a tow, when the van shit the bed. Thanks to everyone for a great year. Lets do it again…

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