More Pics…

Chris hancock sent over some more pics, He loves taking pictures of signs, one is of the show he scored after his one footed dead sailor pic showed up on the news. the other is of the mystical creature known as the ChupaCabra which was reportedly found in Richford, and previously thought to be legend or myth, much like Bigfoot, or Reggie Styles. Leland was stunned when he heard about it, while eating at a Mexican restaurant in Nashville Tenessee, and almost relapsed into fit of Bells Palsey, that he suffered from a few years earlier. Tony Cardona broke his foot, on the Empire trip, where he apparantly got super awesome and then tripped over a Kink empire frame. Jason Roe was not available for comment. The raffle is still going on on the online store, This is the Link to the Frame Raffle. Go there and buy a bunch of stuff, and enter to win a freee frame. Tons of Frames are in stock at FBM, so call up John Lee and ask him whats up. Heres a pic of John From 96, at 7-11 trails off of the BMXonlines Archives….

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