Chris hancock performs One Footed Dead Sailor…

Central New york’s Chris Hancock, who is notorious for his clean bikes, and smooth riding, performed his first ever One Footed Dead Sailor this weekend at Rocky’s in Monroeton Pennsylvania. Unseasonably warm temperatures had most bmx enthusiast in the northeast, outdoors and having some fun. Cruz, Hancock and Chunk looked like they had fun dorkin’ around. There isn’t much else dorkier than grown men riding kids bikes on a sunday afternoon, except maybe rollerskating, and playing video games. Hey we may be dorks, but its alot more fun than watching football all afternoon. I re posted a couple of the old ads I posted last week, I guess they didn’t come up for some reason, and the Kid opening the BMXmas present is Magilla, AKA- Jeremy Reiss. I am figuring, since that pic was developed in Feb. 83, that its actually Christmas 82, DANG! Earlier in the week, the pic was of Mike tag. Guav was the first one to guess Gilly, he gets a Knuckle sandwich as his prize. Kelly Baker started a blogspot called Old bastards Behind Bars or OB-3 for short, its brand new, but is based loosely on stories, and friends surrounding Kelly and his wild times as a bike rider, and a lunatic in general. In other news, Avacados should not be eaten before their time….

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