More, More, More

Black Executioner

Unloading 35lb. bike boxes out of a semi-trailer and stacking them on pallets is exhausting, and we could have used another man or two. Nevertheless, there’s little to complain about, the Last Call shelves and warehouse floor are packed with new goods that have just arrived in time for some good weather riding sessions.

And another comes around, this guy was a terrible truck driver. He almost crashed into the side of the building. ...and he didn't bring bolt cutters. Nice Miso grips are back in stock. Jenkem stems are back on the shelves as well. FBM Belmars and Big Apes back on the racks. Brand new sticker packs, thousands and thousands of them. This sloth appears to be out of his mind. Integrated headsets, also back in action. And last but not least, these guys, black also available.

Originally Posted by JPR