Mikey Babbel Goes BERZERK!

Mikey Babbel ROASTIN off a rail, pics by Brandon

Mikey Babbel recently built up a new Berzerker, shot some sick new photos, and narrowly escaped a death math between Him, Coasta Loco, Big Lyn, and Crazy ass Patrick. We asked a few questions about what he’s been up to, and here it is… Thanks to Brandon Means for the great pics!

Whats new with Mikey babbel??
Not too much other than riding a lot and hopefully getting my new camera within the next few days.. FBM edit??
Also trying to get out of this blasted town to ride some new stuff. The Secret BMX will be popping off starting new week when the kids get out of school for the summer, so I will end up helping out my brother Bryan with that. Lastly, I have met a new friend from Coast Rica who is here temporarily and have been riding with him as much as I can before he leaves at the end of this month. His name is Douglas AKA Coasta Loco. He is a mad man!

Tell us about the new whip?
I could not be anymore stoked on this whip! Perfect all around bike,which is rad because I thoroughly enjoy riding EVERYTHING.
I gave her a fresh coat of red a few weeks back and its about time for another. My frame is already getting some good scars but its holding up perfect.

Any good stories from Liyn or Secret BMX?
Unfortunately Lyn doesn’t come around too often due to mass amount of work but he rides her and there. The really only funny thing thats going on at the shop lately would have to be my brother waiting to build up his Howler with the new Animal product. He has been waiting for about 4 months now and every time he gets a e-mail, he gets all upset cuz it’s not from Animal telling him his stuff is on its way. I crack up every time! but all good things must come to an end and luckily for him, his parts showed up today.

Who do you ride with  Now that The Macho Man is no longer with us?
I pretty much just ride with whoever is around. Most of the time it would be my friend Garrett, Darrin, and my brothers Bryan and Eric.

Scariest part a bout living in Southern California?
There is a guy named Coasta Loco on the loose and is running ramped through the streets. You ALL best look out!

New Berzerker build!

Check out Mikey’s last web edit…

Double Fisters in RED

Featuring: SuperTherm top and down tubes, 3D laser cut 4130 chromoly top and down tube gussets, an integrated seat post clamp, removable 990 mounts and cable stop, and tapered seat and chain stays.
Handcrafted in New York.

Colors Trans Black, Trans Copper
Top Tube Lengths 20-1/2", 20-3/4", 21"
Head Tube Angle 75 degrees
Bottom Bracket Height 11-7/8"
Seat Tube Angle 71 degrees
Standover Height 8-1/8"
Rear End Length 13-3/8"
Weight Without Brake Hardware
4 pounds 11 ounces (4.7 pounds)
Head Tube Integrated – Externally machined 4130
Top Tube 1-1/4" O.D. SuperTherm
Top Tube Gusset 3D laser cut 4130 Chromoly
Down Tube 1-3/8" O.D. SuperTherm
Down Tube Gusset 3D laser cut 4130 Chromoly
Bottom Bracket Mid – Internally machined 4130 Chromoly
Seat Tube Externally Machined 4130 Chromoly
Seat Post Clamp Wrap around integrated clamp with a captured
Seat Stays 3/4”
O.D.x 0.035" Wall tapered to 1/2" OD
4130 Chromoly
Chain Stays 3/4”
O.D.x 0.049" Wall tapered to 5/8" OD
4130 Chromoly
Bridges 5/8" OD tube bridges 4130 chromoly
Capped Stays Yes
Dropouts Heat treated 3/16" thick 4130 Chromoly
for 14mm axles
Brake Position Seat stay
Brake Type Removable 990’s
Cable Stop Removable