Nick Rey-berzerker

picked this frame up from Pedal Pushers and just about ever other part.
Frame : FBM Berzerker V2
Forks: S&M Pitch Forks XLT-T
Bars : S&M Horder Bars
Stem : FBM Bottleneck
Headset : Animal
Grips: ODI Longneck
Barends : ODI
Lever : Odyssey Mono small
Cranks : Madera Protocol…

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Loïc Lentzy

Hey, I’m Loïc Lentzy, i come from France (Lorraine,Vosges,88) and i’ve buyed a berzerker frame in april 2010. It’s a really good frame, nice job !

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Aldi “Reno” Rainoris

My name is Aldi “Reno” Rainoris from Indonesia
This is my FBM “FBM Berzerker V2” with Eclat, wtp, animal & primo parts this is amazing! light weight & super strong frame! Recomended! FBM FOREVER!

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Mikey Babbel Goes BERZERK!

Mikey Babbel recently built up a new Berzerker, shot some sick new photos, and narrowly escaped a death math between Him, Coasta Loco, Big Lyn, and Crazy ass Patrick. We asked a few questions about what he’s been up to, and here it is… Thanks to Brandon Means for the…

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