Mike Tag Update!

Mike tag, on the eight ball.

It’s really difficult to see one of your best friends that you grew up with, as bald as a cueball, shooting pool, while describing the struggle of going through chemo therapy, talking about trying to get medicaid, and joking about drinking pedialyte at the bar. It’s a truly conflicting sad and proud scenario. It’s sad to to see Mike tag sick, i get all choked up when he’s not looking, But I am proud of him, his strength, endurance, and the fact that he is fighting the good fight even if its as gnarly as it is. Equally uplifting is how a community has gotten behind Mike in this tough time, the people of Ithaca New York, and beyond in a world of BMXer’s who have shown a resounding support for an icon.
This week was a local Music show, to benefit Mike, and help keep his spirits up. Tons of great Bands, including the Mill Bastards doing a heavy Clash Cover, and New England Legend,Mark Choquettes band- The Ones, drove who all the way down from providence, so the singer could run off stage and jump in the dirty brackish water outside of Castaways, where boats typically dock up. It was rad, people out for a good cause. It Made me really happy!
Anyhow… I believe Mike will make a full recovery, but we still need to be behind Mike 110%.
Don’t forget to donate to the Mike Tag Benefit fund, and Be sure to get back to Ithaca Next weekend, where we will be raffling off Several Bikes, and thousands of dollars in BMX parts, and accessories, Art and more! The parking Lot at East Shore is going to be peppered with BMX legends from all over the world!

Mike Tag, and Mark Choquette!

These dudes literally grew up with Ben Snowden in Hornell NY.

Mark "toast" Johnson

The Ones!

Ben Jones of East Shore Skatepark

Mark Choquette, from Providence, The Ones. Amelia Burns pics!

Aaron Verity, doing the good deed of raising funds with auctions and such!