Big Dave 4130

Steve Crandall, David Harrison, and Mike Erb. FBM Bikes...

I have no words to summarize the past decade of awesomeness Dave Harrison has brought to FBM, and we can’t thank him enough for all his hard work, passion, drive, and talent that has helped make FBM what it is today, but in a nutshell, and on behalf of everyone at FBM, and all of our supporters, THANKS for everything Dave!
Its a bit sad to see Dave go, but we are also excited for him, as he opens up the next chapter in his life.
You can read more detail about what’s next over on ESPN, or you can see some of Dave’s influence and involvement in the story of FBM below.
We will still continue to make kick ass bikes, and bring the fun to BMX, in the spirit of FBM, so hit some curb cuts, grab a slice of pizza, hi five your buddies, and get stoked!

"I never met a cake I didn't like..."

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