Mike Tag, down but not out!

Toast, Crandall and Tag, circa Live Fast Die era/

20 years ago Gilly, our Friend Bones, Mike Tag and myself were teenagers, roaming the streets of Ithaca on our BMX bikes, raising hell, popping wheelies, and getting into as much trouble, adventure and mischief as you would expect…
Yesterday I pedaled my BMX bike down the same streets, to see Mike at His home in Ithaca, after he was released from the Intensive Care Unit, after 4 or 5 days of complications, regarding his Chemo Therapy, which started this weekend after he just recently found out he has Lymphoma.
ESPN launched the first official press release about Mike’s condition, and we just set up a page where people can make donations on the site.
There has been an amazing amount of support shown, even in it’s earliest and most private stages of development, and we are really stoked and positive on Mike making a full recovery.
Mike is now too sick to work, and has no health insurance, so we all need to be in his corner. In addition, Leland Thurman, Myself and many other are working on T-shirts, A jam in Ithaca in June, more events, and anything else we can pull together, to raise funds, awareness and Mike’s spirits!
Thank you all for reading this, and thinking about Mike and his Family!

This is not the raddest photo I have ever shot of Mike Tag. Get well soon friend!

Mike Tag, circa 1989-90, My parents yard, Ithaca NY.

Forgash, Erbles and Tag, circa the Albert St era.

Gilly, Tag, Bones, and crandall, 20 some years ago!

Me and Mike Tag.

what a crew!

Dolecki Photo of Tag in Ithaca Ny

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