Mike Lestus

I just finished building up my custom frame last week. It took a while to be able to get all the parts together, but it was worth the wait. Most parts are new, a few are from my old frame.

Here’s a basic run down of what she’s built up with.

T-1 Grips, Kink bar ends, Scerbos.
Jump Off, FSA Pro, 14mm Odyssey dirt w/990s
2.1″ Animal GLH-Rs on 48h 7kas. 1664 spokes, ACS front, Odyssey 10t lhd rear.
OG Macneil pegs all around.
Aitken seat, intac post, 1664 clamp.
BlueSix Ti spindle, Hollow bites, 28t MDS, 510hx, sealed mag trail mix’s.
Tech 77, Odyssey linear, Odyssey evolver, Kool Stops.

The front brake is off right now, but it’ll most likely be on in summer. I haven’t got much riding in since spring has just arrived and most of the city is still covered in snow and ice. Not to mention I’ve been busy with school and work. The riding I have done on it has been amazing. This is seriously the best feeling frame I have ever ridden. Everything feels perfect about this bike. It was worth every dollar I spent. If I ever get some good riding shots on this beast, I’ll be sure to send a few to you guys.

Thank you so much for building such a kick ass frame. Saying I’m a satisfied customer would be an understatement. You have no idea how stoked I am on riding this bike.


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