Maverick Harding

Hey guys, unfortunately a short while ago my bike got stolen from my house :(..

But fortunately even with the unpredictable chance of having my bike stolen i had my bike insured, from the insurance payout i went to my local mates and good friends for many years BACKBONEBMX Australia to build me a new bike, without having money constraints we went all out to build one of the dopest custom trails bikes we could think of.

The bike consists of:
Back Bone BMX BB Kit (Polished)
KMC Superlight chain (Silver)
Profile Cranks (Black)
Fit Bike Co. Shiv Forks (black)
FBM bike co. Steadfast 21 frame (RED)
ODI Longnecks (black)
Back Bone Headset (polished)
Profile Mini Cassette Hub 3/8 studs(White)
Profile Mini Front Hub 3/8 studs (White)
Odyssey GSPORT rims (Chrome/Black)
Odyssey Trailmix pedals (White)
Back Bone BMX Pivotal Seat
Back Bone BMX stump post (silver)
Deluxe Sprocket (polished 28tooth)
BSD TopLoad Stem (Black)
Fly Bikes Pantera Bars (RED)

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