Mastr Blastr restock!

Mastr Blastr's IN STOCK!

Sweet handbuilt, heat treated, lightweight Mastr Blasr frames are in stock at Last Call/FBM so feel free to give John Paul, or John Lee a call and pick one up. Leif Valin and Kelly Baker have both put up some new pics on their Blogs, you can scroll to the right to check that out. A couple pics from the Savage South tour of the crew, Garret G. Getting some, and the Car Garrett totalled on the trip. Those guys look like they know how to have some fun. The art of the roadtrip, and the beat generation bmx travel artists…. In other news, Forgash, formerly of the Band Portal, which was featured in ‘Dont Buy this’. and many Props issues, is in a New Band Called Ancient Age, which is SICK, add them on the Space.

G-rat on the Savag south tour. Rolling deep. Benny baker at rays... Leif art! Serious Heavy!

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