Make It happen!

Joby Springsteen, welding up some chromo

The amount of support and positivity, in the wake of Mike Tag’s battle with Lymphoma has been overwhelming,
If you haven’t seen it, Click Here, to read the story, and make a donation. If you don’t have a paypal account you can use your credit or debit card by clicking the link on the left hand column of the paypal donation page. If you want to to donate by check or money order, or send letters of support, or anything for that matter, send mail to
FBM 1 helen dr. Johnson City NY, 13790, attn Mike Tag benefit. (if sending donations, make payable to Mike Tagliavento) We will make sure it gets passed along!

In the meantime head on over to the Mike Tag Benefit page, send best wishes, high fives, share stories, photos.
Be on the lookout for more info this week on Fundraisers in Ithaca NY May 14th, and June 18th!

Let’s get Awesome!

Dave, turning metal into fire!

Translucent Copper finish, as seen at Circuit BMX shop!

This is one Awesome whip!

Adam Guilliams, riding a Berzerker, getting awesome!
Tapered rear- Heat treated Drop outs!
Head Tube Angle- 75 degrees
Integrated seat clamp- removable brake mounts!