Lou Bickel Update!

Outta Jail for Xmas...

The First post in 09…For starters, I have been spelling Lou Bickel’s name as Bickle since i’ve known him, but yesterday I was lucky enough to hear from him, after his release from lockup. It got me stoked.
We asked Lou for an update, and this is what he had to say-
Heres a few post prison storys and some shit about the bikes and shits…
I push an 01 road king..custom…I have 2 sets of tins and I change them out every few months …keeps the local storm troopers from trackn me …..the purple one is the 1 eyed 2 horned flyn purple paycheck eater….It came factory equiped with an automatic turn signal that activates when ever I try and drive by a bar….subsequently the motorcycle comes to a stop and I must then consume coapious amounts of PABST BLUE RIBBION until the bike will start again. On several occasions I have woke up to find my motorcycle was already at the tavern awaiting my timely arrival…………..I may or may not have left it the night before whos to say………..this is my story and I’ll tell it how I like…..It also came factory beer brains and wiskey muscles…. I can go twice as fast with half the regard for human life…….which leads me to the second half of my story of 08’…………..pennsylvania doesnt fuck around with the dui’s……………………….what that report fails to mention is them beating the shit out of me…..or maybe that was the trunk lid???? The last line speaks volumes.
Jail sucks. The end. I never understood why jason steig never wanted to talk about it. Now I do. It suckss Its very much its own world….no world ANY OF US belong in……>>> Every month when I would get my ride magazine…everyone would run over to borrow it thinking it was a maxim or somthing……flip through a few pages and without fail get the same stupid look on their face and give it back to me………….Try explaining to you cell mate that Crandal or catfish is one of your best buddys…or that you used to give anthony neopolitin rides to the skate park when all they want to know is if you are gonna eat your apple sauce at lunch. Fuckn sucks.
Glad to be OUT Glad to BE sober for once in a long time…..A LONG LONG TIME.
Im looking forward to reconnecting with my true friends in the scene ……I have made alot of LIFE LONG friends that I have lost touch with over the last 4 or 5 years and I hope to return back over the bridges I have burned. I may be sober and more understanding…….. but I will still BEAT YOUR ASS in a New Jersy min.
Thanks to all my peoples who took care of me while I was UP….CRANDAL,CATFISH,JOE CUPP,JOE STALKIN,CUBBY,RED,TEXIE/CJ and most of all my MOM and my crazy ASS wife AMANDA BICKEL. GOOD LOOKN out .
THANK you guys
See you in 09′
I wont steal you BEER but I MAY SHIT IN you cooler.
your buddy

FBM Albert St. from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

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