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The 06 Equilibrium frames are out now, they do not come with coffee and a strange sense of humor, but if Leif shows up for a visit, he does. The 06 frames are so nice, that the mayor of Johnson City came to FBM today to personally congratulate all of the guys for being the only people currently not recovering from, selling or using Crack Cocaine in his community. He then took one look at Jim Bagg’s dog and hauled ass outta here. Leland and Dancin’ Billy Ashby are stoked on the New props with the Shitluck trip in it. Its awesome, great riding, and antics. It also shows how retarded they can be. Tag who was also killing it on thetrip is rcovering from SARS, and spent yesterday in the Hospital In Ithaca. NOt sure how that one will end up, but he looked rough. Mostly because he hadn’t shaven in about 2 weeks. Autopilots are going out the door, John Corts celebrated making anothe batch by doing a Gap on the scooter during breaktime, and ate shit, doing a nice scorpian slide across the parkinglot. Good One. Dave Laughed so hard, I thought he was gonna get sick. Here are some random pics as well, Peter Koh, who rides for us in Australia through Stowaway, KILLING it, Todd Killings shot the pic, Jaime is stoked. The other are of Zack Gerber in Lockhave Pa. I dont even like front flips, and that pic is awesome. Zack is nursing a busted leg, which he did not get from hitting the ceiling at East Coast Terminal. Get well kid. More news soon. Aaron Ross is a BAD man…..

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