Life aint bad sometimes…

Thursday, January 12, 2006, and we are all stoked. We went to Muscle Beach North carolina, and Did the Polar Bear Challenge, it was fun as hell. Tony Hamlin peed in the Ocean. Gilly Did a gap, girls wanted us bad. After the beach, we jumped over kids on the golden ramp of doom, ate some dinner with the Crandall’s, and then hauled ass to Greenville, where we met up with Ryan Nyquist to ride his new ramp complex. IT WAS F#@*ING AWESOME! Ryan, jumped so HIGH. The Tony’s rode amazing as well. We had a blast, no shit either. Word up to Knox Bikes, in Knoxille too, if you live near there, go check out Rusty and the crew and buy 300, 000 dollars worth of FBM sticker packs. We will love you if you do. More news tomorrow, for real.

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall

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