Joel Barnett Update!

Joel At East Shore by Korey kryder

Its monday and March is winding down, and Evil Fools day is almost upon us! With better weather, (for the most part) spreading over the east coast, people are getting stoked. For one, Joel Barnett who previewed the new RASP warehouse in Rochester, as well as shredding East Shore this weekend, and still got some out door sunshine sessions in! Garrett Ginch is in Florida, recently returned from Puerto Rico, GG update soon, as for the rest of the crew, Kie Ashworth is driving across the longest straightest road in Australia, Tom Blyth is scalping English women and shredding cobblestones, While Kenny Horton Puts cigarettes out on his, and his friends hands. Adam Guilliams is in 2nd period English class right now, and Wormz is hanging out with a viking in Brooklyn!
More news soon. Whats up with Kelly Baker? stay tuned!

Joel at the new RASP ( new rochester park in progress) by redbeard.

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