Its tuesday….

So we are celebrating, with some pics of Cameron Wood sent in by Skier Jay. Cameron Says he has been riding hard lately, I’ve never seen him ride casually. He is kooked. Derrick Girard, the king of all that is kooked has been to Ithaca twice this month, doing nothing bit Making 80 foot rope swings at Tags house, and carting Nutter (worlds biggest APE!) around for entertainment. Aaron Ross just got Back from New Zealand, I snagged these pics from Corey MArtinez, off the United Site. Aaron won a beard growing contest with Dave Mirra on that trip. In Dave’s words “it had to go . i looked like a jackass.” Big dave is in Switzerland right now, eating swiss army ants, dipped in hot cocoa mix, and smothered in cheese and beer. He is also hauling Banannas down some huge snow covered mountains with some of the guys he used to work at Spooky with. Will Smith of Dig Magazine has a cool interview on Defgrip, In cluding some cool graphic work he has done over the years, and a nice B and W shot of him riding. Will is a pretty sweet dude. Sans Du-rag of course. In other news, We love to Party….. Now Playing- The Bomb, “burn it all”

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