Frostbike, oh yeah….

I hopped on an airplane and flew to Minneapolis, for QBP’s frostbike show. For those of you not familiar with QBP, they area hip distribution company, that is HUGE, in the bicycle industry, and developing a good bmx program. One of thier focuses, is to help bike shops be able to effectively sell bmx stuff, and also have it available. Frostbike, is thier Open house, but with about 150 vendors, its more like a trade show, but nicer. While some shops kill it with BMX, alot of shops are in the dark with what to do when its comes to dealing with bmx’s finicky market, I’m sure plenty of you guys have gone into local shops and seen anything from a pair of GT forkstanders, to a Morales BTS frame, and wondered why they didn’t stock anything current. Its partlt because they get sold bullshit products, and get stuck with it, and then become jaded on BMX. Not good for any of us. Any rate, Jay Schlie picked me up at the airport, in a mustang, and we did a smoke show right in front of deputy sherrif. At the show, Todd, Tim, Andy, and All the guys were nothing but Helpful. I met Bernie as well, who kept the whip cracked on the crew, and kept me loaded with enough coffee that I ended up seeing ito the 4th and 5th dimension. I took som epics with my “coffee vision” lense… Nuno from Odyssey was in the house, and hooked it up all weekend, Thanks NUNO. He show up witha a quart of pork and cheese, to give away at the booth, and played the new Steel Ninjas album at peak levels as well. Leigh Ramsdell was with Mike Corley from Eastern. they were fun to hang out with, hering stories from those guys in a north Carolinian twang is always a treat. Surly is a non bmx company that makes some cool bikes, Ken and I both ride Cross Checks, thay had some cool shit on hand, including change purses. You can thank Peter and Andy for that amazing contribution, as well as the free flowing sarcastic hassle they love to give me. Another non BMX related Link worth Checking out is The Bikecar Movie. Its a documentery featuring some pro snowboarders on tour in the northwest, in a car, that is a 4 person recumbent bicycle. Scotty whitlake is in it, rocking an FBM hat, he rules, he let us stay with him last year in Portland, and randomly road a fixed gear to Ny from there in 37 days, with his ipod, and not much else. SERIOUS APE! I attached a pic of Myself at the Ithaca skatepark, that Ride Magazine ran in a short article I wrote about how to NOT be a pro bmxer. Have Fun every day. Now Playing, Liiquid Swords!

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