It’s the joint…

The new FBM frame, known as “the Joint”, is a collaborative frame, for Tony Cardona, and Cameron Wood, a joint signature frame. Here are some more spy pics, of the green version. It is seriously a sweet frame, and has Tapered Chainstays, as well as many other features, including the obvious, removeable tabs, small drops, and so forth. They should be available at the end of this week,
hopefully, the great northeast storm of April 16th is providing us not only with wet snow, and misery, but also power surges, and blackouts. Anyhow, even when its springtime, and a snowy shitstorm, we can still say, “life’s a beach”, and “can’t keep a good man down…”. Tony Cardona placed 17th at the Jomopro. He would have placed higher, but he slid out on a slice of pizza during his final run, that Mark Mullville had dropped on the quarterpike. Dang. Stew Johnson has an interview by Markus Wilke on Woozy BMX. Its a pretty cool little deal partly to do with stew’s involvement with the Etnies Grounded video, which will be shown in NYC at the Bicycle Fim Festival. Should be fun. Wrapping up the news today, after walking to the coffee shop in this shitty weather, after finding out my car wouldn’t start, I saw this heathen of a snowmonster, that look in scary resemblance to Dave King. I am losing it….

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