Happy Friday the 13th!

Its the middle of april and its snowing in New York, and many other places as well. Don’t be surprised if you hear stories of people freaking out on the news up here soon. Profile has some questions and pics of Tony Cardona on the news, Matt Coplon, the second nicest dude in BMX, has profile running a smooth ship lately. I would say Matt is Nice guy number 1, but John Lee is so nice, he is even polite to assholes. Walter P. shot the pic of Tony (run in Ride UK), Walter is pretty nice as well. Extra super Nice Nice award goes to Devon Hutchins who is also one of the most bizzare talents in BMX that i have met in a while.
JEFF HARRINGTON has left the Upstate NY paradise, to check out Life in Peoria Illinois. I didnt have any pics of Jeff off hand so I googled his name, and this weird bald guys showed up. Look for Jeff atthe Jomopro this weekend… We wish him luck. John Paul and Dave King are going to Atlantic City this weekend, where Dave will be eating, in a Peanut Butter and jelly sandwich eating contest. Fred Durst is emceeeing the event.
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