It’s Happening, it really Happened…

The first day of Jumping the dirt jumps at Bakers Acres happened on the last day of April this year. The road Line, which didnt even run last year was the first one to open up, Kelly Was so stoked, the first 3 pics are kind of a sequence. He and Jammer started riding in a slightly muddy, and soft line of fairly big doubles after a digging session, and it’s been all smiles since. There is a pretty great sense of satisfaction of being able to enjoy something as simple as riding your bike over 2 piles of dirt, after putting forth some time to make something of your own. Its hard work to build and maintain trails, but the payday is worth it. Classic BMX style.
There are new Interviews for as lot of the riders and staff at FBM, and some new pics if you feel like scrolling around the site, we’ll be getting more pics and interviews posted soon, in the meantime, here are 2 pics of Big daddy Aaron Ross, courtesy of Devon Hutchins aka Old Dirty Devdawg. Word up. New Joints are rolling in, Holla. Shit’s bangin, off the hook, yo! So Hott! More News Later… Listen to Dire Straits!

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