It’s a Mad, Mad World

Who knows? Maybe there are hordes of giant babies whose only nourishment is BMX frames.

If you’re the type of person that pays attention, you’d think the world was going to end soon, like Monday. There’s lots of hype and hoopla over the new testing measures that the CPSC is going to force companies that make “toy” bikes adhere to. I’m not sure who or what to believe at this point. I was in Taiwan right after the big time bike makers caught wind of the testing, and people were shitting bricks. My opinion is BMX bikes will be way down the list of toys and things that Timmy and Tammy the toddlers can put entirely in their mouth in one gulp will be at the top of the list. And, the CPSC will have very little budget and minimal man power to implement the tests anyways, putting BMX toys even further down the list. But my opinion doesn’t matter or count. There are some upsides to living and working in such a depressed and downtrodden town, the people in Binghamton haven’t noticed a thing. This place has sucked for the last twenty years in the sustainable growth department. Eh, whatever, we’re still moving and shaking around here.

(Here’s Joshua Weir’s site, he’s the dude that painted Dave and Johnny’s masks… HERE)

What the world needs now are more handlebar choices. 4pc Dinner Box second helpings? Johnny and his new lid piece. New shop bike.

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