Internationally Known

Clock gusset, hot item for sure.

Custom bike bonanza today, we’ve got three more of these machines on their way to paint. Two of them are going to be crossing borders on the way to their new owners. One is going to Germany’s very own Andy Zeiss, pretty cool, and the other is going to Karl Werner in Australia who oddly enough has a very German sounding name.

It’s 50 cent taco night at the Belmar, if you are in the area, stop buy and max out on some grindables with the FBM crew.

Hey Karl Werner, check it out, it's your new custom frame. Rare breed, indeed. The shop dudes dug these up somewhere, the last of the Bitchin' Camaro drops. Jake Kaech's new ride... ...features a slimmed down wishbone. Mr. Andy Zeiss' rig. I dig the 5/8 We even make custom carts for tanks.

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