Interbike Bathroom Photo Blowout

FBM's frame interbike, and internet approved via Adam Grandmaison

Often referred to as The dichotomy of the bicycle industry, Interbike, can be both Awesome and inspiring, as well as a soul sucking shitfest!
Luckily, BMX is filled with great people, that you don’t often get to see, so it’s fun if you have a good attitude about it.
This year FBM held the prestigious honor of winning IPOYA (Interbike product of year award), for our Limited edition Wormz Animal X FBM frame, voted via badge scanning, by the public!
Thanks everyone! Check out the BMX media for more coverage, and a couple videos below!!!!

FBM Interbike 2010 – More BMX Videos

More BMX Videos

Old friends... Stay Strong Stephen Murray, Great to see him! Mcgrudergrinder in da house! Mt. Vernon has a posse! some one spot Mike DOminguez? Condor! Dejong sandwich! 1664! Weekend at Bernie with Big Dave!

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