If you don’t know, now you know…

Cameron Wood should be in NY, by the time the Demolition Derby Happens, to support his teammate, Derrick Girard, who will be driving on top of, and all over the rest of the field of competitors. Rumor has it that Tony Hamlin, and Aaron Ross will also be in the Event, But since Derrick is driving the FBM car, he automatically gets the favored win. Kelly Baker is rumored to have a bag of tricks for the event as well. John And Mike Corts have never been in an airplane before yesterday, and they flew out to visit Nate Moroshan for the week. Miek got sick and puked in the plane. Awesome. I don’y know about you guys, but that is super funny to me. I am sure DMC has plenty of stories to rival that one, but my favorite right now is the one of him at the Tony Hawk training facility riding an FBM Pw Moto, with Chopper forks and Old 76 bars. Thats 2 Icons this years blasting huge airs on FBM frames (not including the fbm team). Dialed.

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