I wish Roy Orbison would tell me what to do!

Johnny and Mikey Corts!

Johnny And Mikey Corts have been hanging hard in Louisville Kentucky, Working with Leland Thurman on a new Shitluck Video, eating Ice Cream and Candy at Zappos, and burning serious holes in blankets! Here are a few Shred pics of the some dialed fullpipe action at the Louisville park, It was super rad to see them, in a pretty much unrehearsed session, killing it at the same time. Hell ya!

Get some! Bro Time! Corts' love getting high with the pipe in the ville! Lucious lee Wade! Doc hollady, ass crack hang time I saw this dude shredding the park, I was stunned on his get up. Then he pulled out a bottle of Petron! Look how shitty this kids face is!

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