I like donuts

Benny Baker!

Kelly Baker had his whole family at East Shore this weekend, and bought a ton of raffle tickets, after his son Benny won the FBM complete in the Raffle at the MikeTag Jam, We went to Bakers Acres to shoot a couple Pics.
Benny Was super stoked on on the Bike, shredded it hard, followed closely by his younger brother Clint, who had just gotten the hand me down FBM mini custom!
Kelly is notorious for his entertaining antics, and his tales are legend. I guess the apples didn’t fall far from the tree, If you leave the mic and the PA on at an event, don’t be surprised if it out of nowhere you hear fart noises, and a squeeky voice shout- “I like donuts!” Whether it’s Kelly or his kids pulling the pranks remains to be seen…

Benny on the new whip.

Clint Baker in hot pursuit!


"...I can play balls to the wall on a ukulele!"

Kelly Baker!

Super Awesome Trans Blue Gypsy! Hand Built in NY

Handbuilt, super awesome FBM Gypsy!

We have a bunch of new goods in the Products section of the website, New Bars, Seats, a revised Gypsy, all awesome stuff!
Check out the spec for the new goods on these links-
FBM Gypsy.
FBM Headbanger Bars.
FBM Tallboys.
FBM Heart Seat.

Ginch Bros Headbanger bars!

New Heart seat!

New Tallboys!