Kelly Baker wins X games 17!

You wanna watch the X games in Style? Get some of this new FBM gear and head on over to the Belmar, where we will be watching Aaron Ross, JImmy Buchans, and Scotty Clevenger on the big screen, with cold ones!
Kelly Baker Won Rally Car, Moto X, and Mega ...

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The King of Fun

For more than 20 years, 2 words have both perplexed, and inspired me as much as any – Kelly Baker!
A true living legend, and the king of all Apes and mischief, this guy is both an asset and a huge liability to any good time!
These were swiped from…

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I like donuts

Kelly Baker had his whole family at East Shore this weekend, and bought a ton of raffle tickets, after his son Benny won the FBM complete in the Raffle at the MikeTag Jam, We went to Bakers Acres to shoot a couple Pics.
Benny Was super stoked on on the…

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