Gettin Crunk In da Ocean!

Kie, Gary Ginch, Mikey J. Corts, and Kidney Hurtin.

‘Gettin Crunk in Da ocean’ is part of a new series of limited edition artist collaboration graphics, featuring some of today’s hottest streetwear designers. This fresh piece was done on the wall at Dahlak Restaurant in Philadelphia, in a sketchy back bathroom, and brought to you, via Digital phone photograph, in analog.
I sat behind some intern’s from 10 deep on an airplane once, I know what is up!
You can talk as loud as you want at that restaurant.

Mike Erb Dialing in some serious design work. Don't forget- John Lee will Nice the shit outta some niceness, and friendliness too! Joby Springsteen at LAst Call- 1 helen drive, johnson city NY! Fun.... Kim Baker and crew will be partying the same day In NY, show up if you are around....

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall

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