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John Corts uses his hands...

If you didn’t know, this is John Corts, one of the men who make FBM a reality, he rides bmx bikes, and makes them, from doing no handers at the cement park, to making hand built frames one at a time He is definitely a badass. John grew up with his brother Mikey Corts in Ohio, and is the founder of Team Major air, he likes Indiana Jones, john Mclain, pizza and heavy Metal! (although the new frames made with Super therm are not heavy…)
John’s Current top 5 ( as of an hour before lunch break)-
1.- Meatloaf ( the band)
2.-Burn After reading
3.- Zach and Muiri make a porno
4.-Tom Celica
5. The never ending anticipation for the death of winter…!

To Turn these materials in to FBM Frames. Mickey and Johnny! John's Friend Ben Nogan Loves manowar Random Kenny Horton DM rail, shot by Justin Waddel.

Originally Posted by Steve Crandalls

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