FBM OG- Stew Johnson

Stew Johnson, Longtime friend and inspiration to all of us at FBM!

Stew Johnson is a one of the most dedicated, hardworking professional’s in all of BMX! When Stew started working on wrapping up Anthem 2 I mentioned the idea of doing a limited edition Anthem Model Steadfast, and he was into it. It’s one of my personal favorite releases we ever did at FBM, and I was proud someone like Stew was willing to collaborate!
The good folks, at Empire, ODSY, S&M, and Profile helped outfit this sweet ride, and it is, in my opinion, a classic badass BMX!
You can check out Stew’s bike, as well as other Legends, Pro’s, fans of FBM, and more, in the FBM OG section of the website..

Thanks for always being awesome Stew- your buddy Steve

Don't mess with the driver... Stew on wheels.

Stew Johnson's personal FBM Anthem Steadfast!