FBM news, better than Crystal Meth….

Wurlitzer sprockets just arrived, in red, blue, gold, green and black. They look sweet, and taste better than Grandma’s Jello Salad at Thanksgiving dinner. RPI cycling is hosting a Frame Buildints’ Presentation and Symposium in Troy NY on Wed. the 29th. Frank the Welderfrom Sinister Bikes, and Big Dave are speaking, andit will also consist of an open format, followed by a roundtable discussion with audience questions. For More info email this address- careyp@rpi.edu .Should be pretty cool. In other News, following the wake of missing the Naked Raygun reunion show in Chicago by one day, I was surprised to learn about the singers newest project, The Bomb- “Indecision” its an awesome album that anyone who liked Naked raygun, or Pegboy might like. John Dye sent this Video of Chopper this morning. Chopper is something else. Stoked. More Wormz pics Courtesy of Russ B. Thanks Russ. In other news, Ride Uk issue 99 is out now, with Killa Cam on the Cover, and a full on interview with him, that kicks ass… Congrats Cam. The Thanksgiving sale is still going on the FBM online Store, so Dial in some goodies before its all gone. Happy Holla Days Folks. Guess who the Insane Clown Posse Fan is, and Get a magic Carpet ride to Flo’s Clam Shack with Deuce…

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall

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