FBM Friends and silly t-shirts!

Stoked on this pic, He rode away, 3 stairs Shy... Neil Hise.

Some Riding Pics from FBM Friends and Family- Neil Hise, Brien Kielb, and the Legendary Mark Howard Johnson, aka Toast! Stoked to see all these guys riding our bikes, Thanks Dudes!
We Hired some celebrity stand ins for t-shirt modeling, these new shirts will make you feel like you have skin like leather and the diamond hard luck of a cobra. Bob Haro’s Long sleeve is only available in T-shirt though.
Call up Mr. Nice Guys at Last Call- John Lee, 607- 729-2803 extension 1#, and get some new goodies or a Wii fat shirt.

While you are at it... Brian Kielb, NW Wall jam. More from the Northwest- Mark Johnson while you are at it... I heart Pizza- Aaron Ross Bootlegged this shirt before it was out. Bob Haro is currently modeling for FBM. economic downturn! So is Vincent D onfrio, Law and Order got cancelled. Whats the story with this dude?

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall

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