FBM Bike Company

We have mentioned it a few times this week, and you can learn more on the Products section of the site, Check out our Grips, Handlebars, Sprockets, Stems, Seats and more… Oh Yeah, we also make Frames, Completes, softgoods, DVDs, accessories, and more, give it a look, we appreciate your support. Thanks.

Crown Royal Top Loader - 52mm, 10oz,  hollow bolts, (red, black, blue) Slim Pivotal Seat - Black synthetic suede, Brown synthetic leather, Hollow Bolt Crown Royal 2 Front load- 52mm, 9.4oz, Hollow Bolts, 6er Sprocket - CNC Machined 7075-T6 Aluminum 25t, 28t (black, red, blue) Cross sprocket - CNC Machined 7075-T6 Aluminum 25t only,  Made in USA Double Fister Grips - a mans grip, soft thick O.D. Bottleneck Stem - FBM Classic top load stem 51mm, 26mm rise, 11.8 oz, made in usa new goods match it up

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