Don’t F with this guy…

John Tillman is a serious dude. Here are some random Wednesday evening riding pics, from C-hunk and Myself. Chunk was at woodward last weekend, and has a few good Jesse Twin Stories… United has some cool slideshows on their website, including some good pics from the Boyley jam. It looks like everyone had fun, and Fids was there a few times over. Fids is the Champion fun master. Leif Valin art update, late as heck. Leif is currenrly in a tie for best coffee drinker in the great Denver Area, John Elway is in second. In other news, Kelly Baker took his sons Benny and Clint racing for the first time, they took 1st and 2nd respectively. Kelly used to be a natioanlly ranked racer for many years, and has the pictures to prove it, Mullet, Oakley Blades and leathers….

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall

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