Gilly's new Exodus Hybrid Supertherm shred machine, El Guapo not included.

As you can see in the photo below, Gilly’s rig got run over. He’s too nice of a guy to tell us who did it, but someone got loose in the front end loader at the Dude Tour down in FLA. I have a sneaking suspicion either Fuzzy or Elf feel a little bad right now.

The response to the CAD/ Solid Works and graphic design help we are looking for was outrageous. I got almost a 100 replies, which in an ironic turn of events has created a crap load of work for myself weeding through them all. The level of talent was high, so I’m taking my time going through them all and making sure no one accidentally gets skipped over. Thanks again, it’s amazing seeing how many people out there are into what we are doing, hell, into bikes in general in a positive way. Keep it upright!

Building dirt jumps can be rough on frames. Try getting a custom made frame from Taiwan in less than 24hrs. Double bend sweetness.

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