Wormz Celebrating fatherhood?

New York city Legend, and FBM/ Animal rider Ruel “wormz” Smith is now a proud father, A huge congratulations goes out to Ruel and Alina on the birth of their baby- Nikolai Tenser Smith. Ruel has been keeping a semi low profile, getting prepared to be a family man, but keep a heads up when the Animal video drops>>>
Frame names have poured in, over 3000 suggestions, and almost all of them are insane. Here are some of the contenders, as the list narrows- , the lurker,The oxcart, manhands, space oddity, the zoot scoot, the angel of meth, meltdown2009, and everyones favorite, the cream supreme. I don’t know if any of those will hack it, so …

Nikolai Tenser Smith and his daddy

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Aaron Ross won the Number On Rider Award, for street, in Vegas this year. We are stoked, and Aaron is even more stoked. We at FBM, would like to congratulate Aaron, and say thanks to him, and everyone who supports FBM, and voted for him. Aaron killed it this past year, and we wish him best of luck for the future, and with keeping his clothes on. Aaron celebrated by eating Ice cream and Pizza… Pic lifted from Etnies. More news and whatnot from the whole Vegas/Interbike week, coming soon…

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