Circuit BMX Road trip…

Vic Bettencourt of circuit BMX

From Vic Bettencourt of Circuit BMX shop in Rhode Island-
“hey Crandall
just got back from a colombia trip with some dudes.. pretty wild ,hired body guards, chauffeured party bus.(La Cheba)1 item on every
non- menu (fried fish,fried plantains and brown rice), never been called a gringo before going to colombia, its all youll hear. awesome spots and 40 lb bikes. and photo copied fbm and animal stickers.. awesome. i love bmx. heres a couple pics.
talk to soon..”
Bakers acres has a few lines running, I got my forst laps in today, and Mikey, aka, MIKEy made an appearance, he used to live across the street from the trails when he was a kid, now he’s a grown ass man. Sorta. Baker was stoked, he had his whole family out there, and enough Mayflies to last till june!

Is Old school bmx coming up? Guav and some oldsters on an NYC ride. Kelly Baker, at his home... Bakers acres Legend- Mikey! First day of the season! Same shit different pic?-check Tie Dye Bandana?- Check! forgash!

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