Born To Party!

Team Major Air showed up at My aprtment to BBQ last night, and when they returned from the Grocery store, they all had sandwiches. So much for grilling, But nonetheless, Greco brought at pineapple, and I think He stole it. Pineapples are cool looking, everyone should have one. Cameron Wood was not available for comment on the Pineapple, or Captain Fun. It was sunny and 65 degrees on sunday as well, so I went to the trails, and listened to Three dog Night- “one is the loneliest number” and dug all afternoon by myself. Thankfully trails arent cool any more, so no one was there to complain about what I was working on, or that the mosquitos were buzzing around. Mitch Hamlin, Tony’s little shit brother, sent up some pics of Tony Shredding in Rochester. Thanks Mitch. Bad news for Tony H, the doctor says he might need surgery to repair cartiledge in his shoulder, which keeps popping out. Not Good, but we’ll keep you posted on that, Mike hamlin’s Newports, and headbands. If anyone knows anything about shoulder surgery, email us, and I’ll forward it to Tony. I am also looking for someone who might be interested on Doing some CAD work, for a couple of Projects we are thinking about…. Now Playing- 20 years of Dischord!

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