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James Hetfield is NOT in the Taliban.

Flat black Howlers arrived back from paint today. Ever wonder where these ridiculous frame names come from? No. I’m going to tell you anyway, short version. Imagine a woman whose age could have ranged from late 20’s to early 40’s, methamphetmines will ravage the human skin. She frequented the Belmar for a short stint on Wednesday nights howling every time the fiddle player jammed out, she writhed and flung her long greasy hair in circles. She howled so long, and so hard, she would stumble around in a booze clouded, oxygen lacking daze. She often bashed her head into things, resulting in blood spurts and James Hetfield rants. Sadly, she got a DUI and hasn’t been seen since. This same time we needed a name for a new frame, and she needed to be immortalized as “the Howler”.

Maybe if we muster up enough Howler power she’ll resurface next weekend at the Belmar comp.

Boogie got his new rig up and running. Veggie tanks and KRS-One all in one day, busy times at FBM this Summer. Howard's new kicks. Roasted delivery. This is our dude, no clue what his name is, but he runs the best Indian/ Pak food joint in Binghamton, the Taj.

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