BMX Doesn’t Suck

It happened so fast, it doesn't even seem real. John Lee packing up some of the last bikes.

Last week was a serious whirlwind of activity with the completes landing. Despite freaking out the UPS dudes, we were able to ship all but a handful of bikes, outrageous. If you need a new ride hit up your local bike shop and pick one up, they are moving quickly.

Thanks to all the shops who ordered bikes and to the riders who are snapping them up. Next production run lands early October, if you are a shop it’d be wise to pre-book now.

Things are back to as “normal” as it gets around here, at least for now. We’ve got a decent amount of new stuff coming down the pike, be on the lookout for some sweet action around here soon. Shit, there’s sweet action around here on the daily.

Exodus frames are back in stock... in both colors. Also, headsets rolled in last week with the completes. Brown Howlers stickered, boxed and stocked. Frames are always on the move to somewhere around this joint, back from being Roasted. Dudes have been rolling around for quite a while now on Supertherm prototypes. Production bikes sort of soon?

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