Binghamton, A Nexus for Awesome?

Yesterday was John Pauls birthday, and today is Mikey Corts Bday. Happy Day fellas. John Paul celebrated by getting a Kennedy’s Fried Chicken Tattoo over the infamous Harley David-Schwinn Logo. Stunning. Mikey is going to eat Dollar Store Snacks, and pringles to celebrate, after funneling energy drinks. John Lee was shredding the secret ramps at FBM last night WIth Cody, and his friends. John Lee is not only nice, and nice, he can shred. Double Nice Shredder. Captain Fun was in the Vicinity, and the Belmar revealed itself to me again after a long hiatus. Within 1.5 minutes, An old woman with chicken wing sauce dripping down her face had threatened chunk, and another big girl from “da Bronx” said she would take him outside and whoop his ass. I was stoked. All in less than 2 minutes, and during daylight hours. Effed up dog. Is it me or is it weird that Chunk has 2 costumes of Mcdonalds menu items? Now Playing- Fifteen- “lucky”

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