Bicycle news.

Weekend Roadtrip to Athens Ohio, and then Louisville Kentucky went down, with a late arrival back in New York at about 5am Monday morning. The crew was amped, we had an enforcement crew in the van kown as the “backseat badboyz”. Tony Hamlin, Gilly, C-hunk, Myself and several other wyld stalyns were on a mission to have some fun. Catfish met up with us in Athens, and Tony Cardona, and his crew met up with us in Louisville. Leland had a party, that involved a deep fried turkey, 10 pizzas, a pinata, and his childhood friends. Ken got kooked. On the way down we were pulled over in the “Chemical Valley” in eastern Ohio near Athens, which is apparently a hot spot for drug runners, so they called in the K9 unit, who was affected by the smell of farts, which pissed the cops off. Imagine a van full of BMXers laughing and farting while three cop cars have you pulled over, and are running ID checks. Hilarious. They let me piss on the side of the road, since they had us waiting for an hour, and found no drugs. They were actually nice for police officers. I posted a couple of pics of Tony and Tony, and I’ll post more later. 2005 Outsiders and Equilibrium Frames are available now, so Holla if you want some, and for sale items, we still have some 2005 Capones going cheap, so give Last Call a shout. We are also still running 3 for 20 dollar XL shirts on the webstore, Git Suhm…

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bicycle news.

Derek Girard is currntly in Maine, pulling the 65 off the road for the winter and Dialing in a Geo Metro Go Kart. Aaron Ross is back from Japan, and text messaging someone right now. Big Dave, Ken, and the Corts Brothers have been putting in overtime, and drinking monsters, getting more Autopilots made this week. Dave wa salso awarded a bottle of handmade Texas Vodka by CORRIGAN, For making the best bikes, we’ll see if he makes it through the weekend. Myself, Gilly,Tony Hamlin and a large crew of Wild Animals are headed to Athens and Louisville for the weekend, catch up with us there…..

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