Arkansas Lawnmower!

Tony “chili dog” Caruth’s 50th Birthday party is coming up on Saturday in White Hall Arkansas. Whats unique about this weekend, aside form the badass fact that a 50 year old dude still shreds, is that Ryan Corrigan is paying homage to Tony, and his dedication to the BMX scene by building some new ramps, and rebuilding stuff for his birthday. For Years, Tony’s ramp[s have been a haven for up and coming BMXers outside of Pine Bluff Arkansas, and throughout the Little Rock Area.
Ryan Corrigan, who is from the area, and has built Ramps for X games, woodward, and more, spanning the entire globe, is giving back to the grassroots scene that helped him realize his own dreams as a bmx adventurer, and is more stoked than ever to give back to his own community!
Head out this weekend and see What RC cooks up… Check out some of Tony’s Ramps, Jumps, and even his goat in the FBM classic- “half and half” below. You Might Recognize Tony’s Goat From the Cover of said DVD…

Ryan Corrigan, early 90's at Tonys Cran early 2000s at Tony's

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