Arata 270, old chenga, Hallman Pic I believe...

I met Shawn Arata on Road Fools 8, in Chicago, he was a wirey Local kid rocking FBM gear, riding around with us, and fired out one of the biggest rails of the entire trip…. He soon became more than just a “local” kid, and landed himself a spot on FBM, and quickly earned himself a pro spot and a signature frame- The Capone. Almost as he quick as he came onto the scene, he seemed to fall behind the curtain of mainstream bmx media.
Derek Adams over at Orchid Footwear caught up with Shawn for a great mini interview. Shawn rules. If He says its on, watch out….

Arata, Oliver, Tag and Ron Kimler, from a few years back. Buck Photo. I pass!

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